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About me

Linux has always been a good friend and it is my workhorse since long time. The open character of Linux has attracted my attention early on in my career and Linux has grown itself along with my experience. My knowledge has built up working with Linux and Unix in a large number of companies. From projects to daily operations, usually in a 24/7 perspective.

Seeing i am a kind of a generalist, my knowledge spans from the physical cable to the frontend. I like both working with hardware and coding, basically it all started from my curiosity regarding the internet. I started a dialup with my modem to discover the world, talk to people over ICQ and learn from forums long before the modern internet started.

This wiki itself is a showcase of my work, not just the content but also the platform it is running on. The administration of DNS and all the small things on the background needed to have everything running safe and smooth. The information gathered here is a combination of system administration and tips and tricks on various topics.

What keeps me going is getting the green lock in the address bar and getting an e-mail in the morning about the backups late at night. Seeing root login attempts fail in my firewall log. Configuring my machines and networking to make maximum use of resources to use online, big or small, even from my backyard.

And when there are no alerts in my monitoring or machines to be patched i try new tools and idea's on the internet as i am still curious!

If you would like me to build and review interesting projects support me here:

For questions send me an e-mail on