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Welcome to PhenixOps!

On PhenixOps you will find information about Free Internet Tools and Platforms, Webhosting, Linux and Open Source tools.

I will share my personal experience with Linux and Internet platforms to help you setup and running a website or webserver with a limited budget. Next to webhosting i will discuss my favorite Linux and Open Source tools.

Perhaps you already have a webserver and are looking to add functionality to your domain like e-mail or firewalling. Maybe you want to visualize your logfiles to see where visitors come from or what url is providing an error ? There are many great tools available nowadays and i often try something new.

In my posts I will do a review of the tools and platforms i use to improve security and monitor my infrastructure. Perhaps i might review Open Source tools i often use to create content. I will provide you with information to get started and some tips and tricks based on my experience. My posts can be anywhere between a full configuration and a review.

I will share my two decades of experience from both a professional and personal perspective in the webhosting industry and working with online tools and platforms. I like to discover and try new ways of working with and on the Internet. I have been making personal websites since 1994 and work in the Internet industry doing Ops for over 2 decades using Linux mostly.

There are already a lot of posts waiting for you, content will be added and updated frequently.


June 12, 2023

Lately i have been discovering more possibilities of RTL-SDR, also i have build two antennas to receive signals on shortwave and to receive satellite images or weather reports.

A combination of hardware and software makes it possible to work on these signals and with a lot of patience on tuning i have managed to get some cool results straight from the NOAA satellites.

Basically it concerns going to a location with a clear view of the sky, recording the radio signal and process this into an image. It is a bit challenging because weather conditions can affect the signal and the direction of the overpass is a factor as well.

Noaa 15.png

About the same method can be used to receive weather fax reports. These are being send from Pinneberg Germany and i can receive these using my diy shortwave antenna and a RTLSDR dongle. The recorded file is processed using fldigi and outputs the picture.

Wefax Ice Report.png

I have created a fieldkit to work outside which was a fun project by itself.

Field kit in action.png

There are more interesting signals out there on the airwaves like the ISS, number stations and digital signals. So i have bought a full band receiver and I started listening to HAM operators and stations from Africa and Asia. Learning more and more on each step and meanwhile making contacts with interest groups to figure out how things work and how to achieve the results.

So my backyard has become a shortwave listening site with now 3 antennas for different purposes. The Piaware setup (see below) is going into it's 3rd year, i had about 800 days of uptime until we had a major power outage.

This all has lead me (even more) into the direction of HAM radio and i decided to start a training to become a licensed operator starting September.

October 26, 2021

A new theme, fresh posts on Webhosting and how to earn Free Crypto, PhenixOps to the Moon!

Just to see what is possible i played around with some platforms to see what is out there on Crypto.

Once you get rolling you might check how to earn a passive income with your Free Crypto.

A review of wallets and platforms i used

Fun Projects

Besides running my infrastructure i am killing some time with Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects. I have build a flightradar on a Raspberry Pi. The signal is received by a antenna and a DVB-T stick and processed by Piaware on the Raspberry Pi. The software creates a website so you can see the actual airplanes moving on a map from your browser or phone.

Piaware is operating from a Raspberry Pi in my backyard and uploads over wifi to the Internet.

My Piaware Installation.png

I was very satisfied finishing this project as i had never worked with a Raspberry Pi before. Setting up is easy as it just another flavor of Linux.

I have created a couple of howto posts so you can make this yourself on a rainy day:

The results are also uploaded to the FlightAware website and shared on my profile on FlightAware:

Online Security

I like things to run save and secure while remaining available and being monitored. I use Open Source tools to create my platforms and share my experiences here. I keep track of new developments and implement latest standards where possible.

The best scores and green lights in browser windows are the best and objective rewards for my efforts. Where a commercial platform often is limited i have the freedom to do everything on my own machines the way i like it while using Open Source tools.

For my SSL Certificate i use Let's Encrypt which allows me to create and update my SSL Certificates for free. I can use them on all my machines and it safes me a couple of bucks on buying a commercial certificate. With some effort in finding the right settings for e-mail and dns you can get the e-mails to arrive in the Gmail inbox instead of the spam folder.

Check my website's status, i am proud to show you the results of my work:

Seeing my machines are on the Internet i need to keep them safe, tools like fail2ban for firewall and goaccess for log inspection are a great help.

Free Tips and Tricks

Here I share my experience on Webhosting and Linux Engineering. I will share my personal experience with linux tools and free platforms to help you building and running a website or webserver.

Most of the topics are based on Debian Linux using bash scripting and i also describe the use of online platforms to test and validate my work.

Free Crytpo

I have found a couple of ways to earn some Free Crypto online, just by registering an account and following some useful introduction training i got some Free Crypto.

I have used it to become familiar with exchanges and crypto trading platforms. I also found some platforms where you can earn Free Crypto by filling out surveys or playing games.

Read the article and get paid today or save up for a rainy day!

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