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What is it

MetaMask is a browserplugin that provides a crypto wallet. You can use it to connect to a Defi exchange to swap or trade your altcoins. MetaMask is fun to use, i like the Fox at the login prompt.

Metamask Login.png


Many exchanges and crypto related platforms support MetaMask. You can easily change from one exchange to another to stake some crypto here and trade some crypto there. This can also be helpful to work around the Gas Fee if it is to high on one exchange or the other.

Metamask Swap.png

How to use

You can use a Binance account to trade it into a coin you would like to use on Pancakeswap. I send BNB from Binance as that is the native coin for Binance, you also need some BNB on Pancakeswap for Gas Fee to swap coins.

Metamask Wallet.png

It takes some time to get familiar with the way the wallet works but it is convenient once you had some finger practice.

Gas Fee

The exchange rates for swapping coins on Pancakeswap are low and are paid from your BNB. For every transaction you pay a small percentage to the network. This is called Gas Fee.


BNB can be bought on Binance and can be send to your metamask wallet using your wallet address.

Sign up for Binance here


Metamask supports many networks so you can use it for many different coins. Most popular are the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Metic Network. From the menu you can select or add a network.

Metamask Networks.png

Wallet address

From the account details you can find your wallet address and the QR code with the address. These can be used to send crypto to the wallet. So if you want to send BNB from Binance to Pankaceswap you can use the wallet address.

Metamask account details.png

Experience sofar

It takes some time to get used to Metamask if you are used to a browser based wallet but it works like a charm.

Many platforms allow you to connect your wallet to use their functionality. I connect metamask on to see the charts and see how my investments are doing. I can use it to stake some Cake Pancakeswap.

Where to get MetaMask

Install MetaMask from here: