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These pages are a collection of documentation and projects.

I share information about solutions i have engineered at work or projects i did just for fun.

Linux has always been a good friend in both my professional field and it is my workhorse since long time. The open and free character of Linux has attracted my attention early on in my career and Linux has grown itself along with my experience.

This wiki itself is a showcase of my work, not just the content but also the platform it is running on itself. The green lock in the address bar and the backups late at night.

Seeing i am kind of a generalist, my knowledge spans from the physical cable to the frontend. My knowledge has built up working in a large number of companies. From projects to daily operations, usually in a 24/7 perspective. I have worked in all kinds of environments, from hackerspace to corporate, including national tv , fortune 500 companies and research facilities.

Today, I run my own infrastructure, my own code and my own security based on Open Source software. I give back to the community by documenting my solutions and experiences. This way another person can benefit from something i learned myself, after being shared by someone else.

For any questions or a shout out, contact me at