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Coinbase wallet

What is Coinbase

Coinbase is a easy to use Crypto wallet where you can store you hard earned free crypto.

It supports most current Crypto coins including Bitcoin, LTC, Doge, ADA

I always use the browser version but there is also a helpful mobile App.

It offers 2FA authentication using Authenticator to keep things safe.

Earn interest by staking

Coinbase offers a 2% APY on staking Dai and even more on other coins like Etherium2 and Tezos

Free Crypto with Coinbase Earn

If you want to have a free introduction to Crypto and earn at the same time then you should visit the Earn section after you have completed your registration.

There are a number of introduction courses you can follow and earn some Free Crypto by answering the quiz at the end of the mini course.

Just a couple of minutes per topic and you will immediately have your first crypto in your wallet today!

You can convert it to any other crypto like Bitcoin or Litecoin or whatever you like. From Coinbase you could transfer it elsewhere to use it to stake it on another platform and earn some interest over your Free Crypto.

Sign up process

You have to provide your identity and it needs to be validated, while this might appear a bit scary, Coinbase is a well known platform and can be trusted.

You can link your bank account to withdraw money to or send funds if you want to invest in crypto yourself. It is the most easy way to get your earnings out to your bank or invest. You get €8 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell €86 or more in crypto.

Get started with earning Free Crypto in Coinbase here :