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Brave Browser

What is Brave

Brave Browser is a Chrome based browser that will help you earning Free Crypto just by doing your normal daily things on the internet. It supports all Crome plugins and has a very pleasant menu that helps you to configure it to your taste.

Earn BAT coins while doing your daily stroll on the internet or while doing your tasks for school study or work.


Improving speed

Brave helps you browsing the internet much faster as it has tracking and ads switched of by default. Instead you will have a faster and more private internet experience. There is a builtin statistics module that will show you how much time is safed and downloads stopped. On a mobile device this will help out lowering your volume of traffic so it can be a big saver.



If you want to remain Anonymous you can use a Private Window that uses Tor so it is also a very good tool for online security. In combination with a VPN this would be a safe way to use public wifi.

DuckDuckGo is used as the default searchengine, which also provides more privacy.


Earning BAT Coins

While Brave blocks advertisements it uses it own platform to provide you with more personalized advertisements that are shown when you open a new tab. But only if you allow it from the settings in the menu. The ads can be personalized if you allow this from the settings.

As a reward for allowing the advertisements you will receive BAT coins that are paid out monthly to your connected wallet address.

Brave browser uses Uphold for that as a default but you can also use the Coinbase wallet and earn some extra free crypto while setting it up.


Earn BAT while earning Free Bitcoins doing surveys or games on Cointiply

What is BAT ?

The Basic Attention Token is the token used in the Brave browser. Because the browser blocks all advertisements from websites, this has a negative impact on publishers' revenue. Currently, Brave browser users can therefore deposit BAT into their browser and use it to donate to their favorite publishers.

When you surf on the internet you visit many sites, you might donate to content creators. Either manually or automatically. Using the browser you can indicate which sites earn a portion of your BAT. You are of course not obliged to do this and just keep your BAT in your wallet or trade it for Bitcoin or any other your wallet supports.

Download Brave Browser for either Mobile or PC at

Switch the Ads on and start receiving BAT in your browser today.


Start Earning using your new browser

Earn BAT while earning Free Bitcoins doing surveys or games on Cointiply